A Feast Day

A boatman bought a fowl and told his wife to cook it for dinner. The wife put it to boil and then went for Mass.

In her absence, their cat and dog ate up the fowl. Then, scared of being taken to task for doing so, they tried to hide from their mistress. The cat jumped into the cobwebs near the beams and was stuck. The dog tried to get her out but he got stuck to the cat’s tail.

Meanwhile, the mistress returned home. When she discovered that the cat and dog had eaten up the fowl, she was furious and wanted to give them a beating.

But while trying to pull them down, she got stuck to the dog’s tail. Her husband tried to loosen the others but got stuck too. A friend who was passing by came to help them. He caught the husband from behind and pulled hard.

He pulled so hard that everyone came loose suddenly and fell higgledy-piggledy upon each other!

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