A Duck's -Tale

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Huang ran a poultry farm. There were ducks of all hues and sizes in his farm—white ducks, brown ducks, ducks with stripes, and ducks with specks. Every morning,   Huang and his two workers, Bill and Jim, would go around the city in a big truck. They supplied ducks and eggs to schools, restaurants, and canteens. One day, Huang set off on his round. At his first stop Huang counted, “One, two, three, four—four ducks for St Peter’s,” and carried them into the school kitchen. Tom, a naughty boy thought, “Now for some fun.” He opened the truck door and one by one all the ducks came down. “Quack!  Quack!!”  they went all the way into the school.  Soon the whole school was filled with quacking ducks. Children came out of their classrooms and screamed in joy. Hearing the commotion, Huang came out. “Come back!” he said quacking sound and all the ducks came back to him.

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