A Crow, a Deer and a Jackal

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Once upon a time, there lived two friends in a forest, a Deer and a Crow. One day, a Jackal saw the Deer and wanted to trick him. “I live alone and have no friends. May I be your friend?” asked the Jackal.

“Well, all right,” said the Deer.

The Crow was not happy as the Jackal was a total stranger and they did not know him, at all.

The Jackal showed the Deer a corn field. The Deer began going there, daily.

One day, the Deer was caught in a trap set by the farmer. The Jackal saw what had happened and thought, This is what I wanted.’

The Deer called out to the Jackal for help, but he pretended not to hear. In the morning, the farmer returned with a stick in his hand. The Deer lay still pretending to be dead. When the farmer saw the Deer, he thought it was dead and was very happy.

As soon as he undid the trap, the Deer jumped up and ran away as fast as he could.

The farmer threw his stick at him. It missed the Deer but struck the Jackal, who was watching, and killed him on the spot.

Do not trust strangers.

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