A Brute Can Also See Reason

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Once there was a wolf who was very cruel indeed. One day he was able to kill a lamb and enjoy a good meal. So, he was in a jovial mood. Walking around merrily, the wolf caught sight of a boy lying on the ground. He moved towards the boy who got frightened and tried to turn his face away. The wolf realized that the boy was much terrified.

The wolf went up to the boy and said, “Aha ! I have caught you at last. But I shall spare your life if you say three things which cannot be challenged in regard to their truth.”

The boy, though terrified, composed himself and thought for a while. Then he said, “First, it is a pity that you saw me second, I was a fool to let myself be seen by you and third, everyone hates wolves for their unprovoked attacks.”

“Perfectly correct all the three things are true to the letter and so I am leaving. Be quite at ease.”

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