A Bought Comfort Isn't A Blessing

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One winter day, a wild ass was wandering aimlessly about. Suddenly he came to the edge of the forest and saw a donkey lying in the warm sun at full length. Quite care-free as the donkey looked, the wild ass envied him a lot.

Going up to the donkey the wild ass said, “How lucky you are indeed ! Your sleek skin shows how well you live. I am not as lucky as you are. OK ; so long.” Even after leaving the place, the wild ass kept thinking about the donkey.

A few days later, the wild ass came again to see the donkey. But this time the donkey had a heavy load on his back. His master was following him with a rod in hand. Off and on he hit the donkey to keep him moving at a steady pace.

“Ah ! what a miserable life you have ! I no longer envy you. I never knew that you have to buy your comfort at this price,” said the wild ass from a distance and went his way.

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