A Beautiful Bride For Isaac


One day, Abraham sent for his most trusted servant and said, “Go to the land where I was born and find a wife for my son. God will help you.”

Receiving orders from his master, Abraham’s servant set out for the journey with ten camels and treasures. On reaching the town of Nahor, he stopped to rest near a well. While resting, he saw a beautiful girl coming to the well. Her name was Rebecca. The servant requested her to give him some water. Rebecca smiled and said, “Drink, my lord.” Later, the servant came to know that she was the granddaughter of Naho


r, Abraham’s brother. He went to her house and told her father and brother the entire story. Rebecca’s father agreed to marry Rebecca with Abraham’s son. Next morning, Rebecca’s brother and father blessed her and sent her with the servant. One evening, Isaac heard camels approaching. He ran to the servant who told him the whole story. He took Rebecca by the hand, and soon after they got married.



Abraham sends his servant to find a wife for Isaac. The servant relies on God to help him and he meets Rebecca, who is the perfect choice in every way.


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