A Bad Dream

Roderick was a small cat that lived in Mr. Geddes’s house. Every day, he would go to the kitchen to raid his stock of fish, milk and cheese.

One day, he had so much food that his tummy was uncomfortably full. That night he slept on his side. He tossed and turned all night and dreamt of Tiger, Mr. Geddes’s dog, chasing him all over the place. Roderick woke up with a pounding heart. Next day, he was still greedy for more and went to the kitchen and ate a lot again. That night too he had bad dreams. The following day when he went to the kitchen, he found Tiger guarding the food. So he could not have his milk and fish. “Ok!- he thought, “I will have black berries and hazelnuts today.” That night he didn’t have any bad dreams. He decided that he would never eat too much again.

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