United We Stand : Divided We Fall

Once upon a time there lived three bulls in a forest. All of them were strong and hefty. They were good friends and kept almost always together. Wherever one of them went, the other two followed too. Thus they were very safe from enemies. Seeing them together, none—not even the lion himself dared come near them.

A leopard too lived in a lair in that forest. He often saw the bulls and licked his chops. How he wanted to make them his meal indeed ! But he was afraid to go near them.

The leopard thought hard and hit upon a plan. He decided to divide them against one another. He took help from a jackal and created bad blood among the bulls. As a result, they moved away from one another.

Seeing this, the leopard attacked one bull and feasted on his flesh. Thus he was able to kill the other two as well one by one.

 Disunity always leads to ruin.

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  1. this story is very good

  2. very nice story

  3. very nice amazing…helpful.

  4. good story

  5. [it is very nice and amazing story according to me]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!very nice also!

  6. good excellent story i will be follow the unity path

  7. impressive story!!!!!!!!

  8. impressive story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. impressive.

  10. Third rate story. No color. no suspense.

  11. short but very interesting for story lover i love it

  12. yo nice story

  13. plz dont use rubbish words, if you dont like it, there are many ways in which you can respond to it. if not you can skip it.

  14. jst okay

  15. Chitra Mittal on May 22nd, 2017 at 2:43 pm


  16. Nyc story but there should be a strong reason that why they r divided. Then it would be more better

  17. Nice story and very helpful good keep on writing u will be a writer ☺️☺️☺️

  18. Very poor


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