The Ungrateful Master

There once lived a donkey, which was very faithful to its master. Although it was under-fed and weak it still carried the entire load its master put on him each day. The donkey was moving about one day, when it fell into a big ditch where people threw garbage. The donkey couldn’t come out. The master felt the animal was old and useless and left it to its fate. But, the donkey thrived on the food that people threw in the ditch.
One morning, the master and his son were walking by, when they heard the donkey braying. The master tired to peep into the ditch and in the process lost his footing. He called out to his son for help, but the stench was so bad, that the young boy left his father, telling him that he did not want to fall in too. The master realized his mistake. A few rag-pickers nearby, happened to hear the man’s cry for help. Soon they pulled him out. He requested them to help him pull out the donkey too. In no time both master and the donkey were on their way back home.

My Prayer: Lord, let me never be an ungrateful person.

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