The Kid and the Wolf

Once, a kid was returning alone from the pasture. On the way, he saw a wolf chasing him. The poor kid was scared to death. He started running but the wolf kept following him. The kid realised that there was no way he could escape from the wolf and said to him, “My friend, I know I have to be your prey since I cannot escape from you. But before dying I want to ask you to fulfil a wish of mine. Can you sing me a tune so that I can dance?”

The wolf agreed and while he was singing, some hounds heard him and gathered near the wolf. They began to chase him. The wolf realised his mistake and said, “I should not have listened to you because my work is to kill and not sing tunes.”

Thus, by quick thinking, the kid was able to save himself.

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  1. Weeeee, what a quick and easy souilton.

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