The Hidden Treasure

Once there was a farmer who was very hard-working. He had developed a grapery which gave a rich crop of grapes every year. Unluckily his sons were very easy-going young men. They seldom cared to help their father in his work. So, the farmer was much worried about their future.

Reaching a ripe old age, the farmer fell ill. It looked as if his end were near. So, he called his sons and said to them, “Dear sons ! my days are numbered. Before dying I want to tell you that in my grapery lies a hidden treasure. Dig it out after my death’ Saying so, the old farmer died.

After performing the last rites of their father, the sons began digging the vine-yard. They dug every inch of it but found nothing.

But the digging led to such a rich crop as had never been there before even in their father’s life-time. So, the sons came to know what their father meant by the hidden treasure. They had learnt that hard-work is the key to a gold mine.


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  1. aniket dubey on May 25th, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    short story

  2. omg ! ummmmmm cool

  3. nice writing

  4. Clash of clans xindabad

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