The Fox and the Grapes

One hot summer day, a fox was looking for food. He roamed about for a long time but couldget nothing. His stomach growled in hunger and his throat was dry with thirst. He was cursing his luck when he found himself inside a farmyard. He saw a bunch of ripe, juicy grapes on a vine hanging high on a branch. His mouth watered at the sight. Moving back a few paces, he jumped high to get hold of the grapes. But the grapes were too high for him to reach. He tried again and again but failed each time. Finally he grew tired and walked away saying, “I’m sure these grapes are sour. So I don’t want them anymore.”

A crow sitting on a tree, nearby laughed at the fox for showing disinterest because he was unable to get what he wanted.

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9 Responses to “The Fox and the Grapes”

  1. that good

  2. nice

  3. fine

  4. nice……..

  5. its very hard for kinder garden kinds to learn

  6. a good way to collect writings in internet

  7. not so nice but it is suitable for class 1-3

  8. can you give me 2 moral lesson of this?

  9. ridhichoudhary on April 19th, 2017 at 11:58 am

    Plz give moral also otherwise very nice

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