The Camel and the Jackal

A camel and a jackal were very good friends. One day, the jackal asked the camel to carry him across the river to a sugarcane field.

Once they reached the sugarcane field, the jackal hurriedly ate up all the sugarcane before the camel could lay his hands on even one. Then he created a great noise and ran away from the field. The villagers rushed to the field to see what had happened. Seeing the camel, the villagers thought he had eaten up all their sugarcane. They gathered sticks and beat him black and blue.

The camel realised how wicked his friend has been and decided to teach him a lesson. While swimming back, he shook his shoulders so hard that the jackal fell from his shoulders and was drowned in the water.

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  1. kindly send pictures of all stories

  2. good story

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