The Arab and His Camel

It was a cold winter night. An Arab was resting in his tent when his camel peeped inside and asked, “Master, it’s very cold outside. Please allow me to put my head inside your tent.”

The kind master took pity on the poor animal and agreed to the camel’s request. A little later, the camel asked, “Master, please let me put my neck inside your tent as well.” Once again the master allowed him to do so.

Next, the camel asked if he could put his forelegs in and again the kind master agreed. Very soon, the camel was completely inside the tent. But the tent was too small for both the master and the camel.

Finally, the camel asked his master to leave the tent so that he could be more comfortable. By now the master was very angry and turned the camel out in the cold again.

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18 Responses to “The Arab and His Camel”

  1. lel I'm camel an dis is beutifl :').

  2. so what do you want to say?

  3. moral ?

  4. Margaret Gano on June 21st, 2014 at 6:20 am

    This is a story we grew up with, aesop's fable. It is so true.

  5. resist the beginning of evils

  6. That's what's happening in North America today. It's a social transition that's taking place most people are unaware of it.

  7. ohhhhhh

  8. this is a poor imitiation of artistry written in Aesops Fables.

  9. It is a wise rule to resist the beginnings of evil.

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