Salt and Water

Once, a king asked his three daughters, how much they loved him. The first daughter said, “I love you as much as my eyes.” The second daughter said, “I love you as much as my heart.” The king was very happy to hear this and rewarded the daughters for loving him so much. But when the third daughter said, “I love you as much as salt and water,” the king was so angry that he ordered his men to throw her out of the kingdom.

The princess went to live in another kingdom. Meanwhile, the prince of that kingdom fell in love with her and asked her to marry him. The princess invited her father to the wedding. During the dinner, she ordered that the food be served to her father without salt and water. All the guests enjoyed the feast but the princess’s father could hardly eat. Then the princess went to him and said, “Do you realize the importance of salt and water?” The king realised his mistake and asked to be forgiven for punishing her.

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  1. e d nge

  2. The story help us realize that little things mean a lot.

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