Noah's Ark

There came a time when there was only one good man in all the world, and his name was Noah. Everybody else was bad. God wanted to start over fresh. So He told Noah to build an ark. And Noah did.

God told Noah to fill the animals—two of every kind. And Noah did. Noah and went aboard too.

Then God made the rain come down. It rained and rained, until there was a great flood that covered the world. Only those who were in the ark were safe and dry. Everybody else was drowned.

Then God made the sun shine and dry up the rain. Everyone in the ark came out. Noah said: “Look! God has sent us a sign in the sky. It means that He will never flood the world again.” The sign in the sky was the very first rainbow.

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38 Responses to “Noah's Ark”

  1. beset

  2. Noah’s ark is bullshit

  3. wow

  4. nice

  5. Cool nice job and thank you 🙂

  6. Love it

  7. THE STORY OF NOAH is a nice story for us to remember, because of that disaster we know that GOD is always love us

  8. Thanks this helped me in completing my chart work for VBS in my church

  9. There came a time when there was only one good man in all the world, and his name was Noah.

  10. Geraldine P. Imperial on December 14th, 2014 at 10:40 am

    GOD shows HIS promise by a sign of a rainbow …


  12. that`s true

  13. rainbow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. good…..

  15. prophet Noah peace and blessing of Allah be upon him
    , you can find his history in Quran.

  16. Great story

  17. There is still wickedness in the world, which means the planetary slaughter was not only cruel beyond imagining, it was also stupid. But even a creationist would agree that such behavior is incompatible with the nature of God, so the only rational conclusion is that the Flood is a childish myth

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