Appearance Is Often Deceptive

One day a strong hefty stag went to a pool to quench his thirst. The water of the pool was very clear and still. So, the stag could see his reflection in it quite vividly. He looked at the image of his antlers and felt proud of their beauty.

But suddenly the stag’s eyes fell on the reflection of his fore-legs. Though slender to look at, they gave him his high speed. But the stag felt sad to see them. With a heavy heart, he quenched his thirst. Hardly had he raised his head when he saw a lion heading for him. So, he took to his heels and the lion was left far behind.

The stag heaved a sigh of relief. But unluckily, his antlers were caught in a thicket. He tried his best to be free but could not. The lion, in the meantime, had come quite near again.

The stag now cursed himself for condemning his legs and praising his horns. But what could he do now. The lion overtook him and tore him to pieces.


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  1. evil recoils on the head of the evil doer

  2. i write these story plese help me

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