The Ploughman and Fortune

Once, there was a Ploughman who lived in the village. He ploughed the land by turning over soil with his plough. He earned his living by ploughing the fields of the farmers of the village.

However, the Ploughman was very poor, since he could not earn enough money. Thus, he worked harder and longer on the fields.

One day, the Ploughman was ploughing a farmer’s field. Suddenly, his plough hit something hard in the soil and made a ‘clang’ sound. As he dug further, he an old chest buried in the soil. He pulled the chest out and opened it. There was a huge treasure in the chest! Now the Ploughman was very happy, for he had finally found a lot of money. The Ploughman bent on his knees and said, “Thank you Mother Earth!
Thank you for gifting me this treasure!”

Suddenly, Goddess Fortune appeared before him and said, “O Ploughman! You are thanking Mother Earth because you found your fortune in the soil. If you had lost your fortune, you would have blamed me for taking it away from you!”
The Ploughman understood what Goddess Fortune said and thanked her

If you blame someone for agony, thank them for joy, too.

The Eagle and the Kite

One day, an Eagle flew to the branch of a tree. The Eagle was very sad. A Kite saw her and asked, “Why are you sad?”

The Eagle replied, “I am unable to find a strong husband for myself.”

The Kite said to the Eagle, “I am very strong. I am even stronger than you. You can marry me.”

The Eagle asked the Kite, “Will you be able to get me food to eat?” To prove his strength, the Kite said to the Eagle, “I can carry an Ostrich in my claws. If you marry me, I will get you an Ostrich to eat.” The Eagle happily agreed to marry the Kite. One day, after their marriage the Eagle asked the Kite to bring her an Ostrich to eat. The Kite flew into the air and brought a dirty, stinking rat, which was lying on the ground, for the Eagle.

The Eagle was unhappy to see the rat and said to the Kite, `You have not been able to fulfill your promise of getting me an Ostrich.”

The Kite replied, “To be able to marry you, I would have promised and said anything.”

Everything is fair in love.

The Olive Tree and the Fig Tree

In a forest, there were an Olive Tree and a Fig Tree. The Olive Tree was very beautiful. It was very proud of its beauty, therefore it never spoke to the Fig Tree kindly.

One day, the Olive Tree said to the Fig Tree, “I have leaves on me throughout the year. You are not evergreen and do not have leaves on you in the month of autumn. I am prettier than you.”

The Fig Tree never said anything to the Olive Tree and always quietly listened to it. Soon winter came and it started getting cold. One day, it started snowing Big flakes of snow were falling on the ground. The branches of the Olive Tree had lots of leaves; therefore, the snow could not pass through its branches. The snow settled on the Olive Tree. The branches of the Olive Tree could not take the weight of the snow. The branches started falling to the ground one-by-one, spoiling the beauty of the Tree.

The Fig Tree did not have any leaves, so the snow easily passed through its branches and did not injure the Fig Tree.

Changing our attitude gives us hope to live a better life.

The Bald Man and the Fly

On a hot summer day, a Bald Man was sitting in his sweet shop. A lot of flies were buzzing around the tasty, tempting sweets to sit on them.

The Man thought to himself, ‘I must not let any fly sit on the sweets or my sweets will get spoilt and then who would buy them?’ So, he constantly moved his hands left and right and up and down to fly them away.

A Fly saw this and sat on the bald head of the Man and bit it.

The Bald Man got out and slapped his head in order to kill the Fly. The Fly at once flew from the Man’s head and said mockingly, “Stupid Man! You tried to kill me for just biting you. Look! You hurt yourself by slapping your own head hard.”

The Man said to the Fly, “I did not hit myself intentionally, so I am not feeling bad. But you are a very bad Fly. You suck human-blood and trouble them for no reason. I am ready to suffer a bigger loss than hitting myself if I can just kill you!”

You will only injure yourself if you try to hurt your worthless enemies.

The Silly Mother

Once upon a time there lived a girl called Maya . One day when she came home from school she went straight to her mother and said ” Mummy , today my teacher punished me for something I didn’t do . The mother was very angry and went straight to her teacher and scolded her , but she didn’t ask Maya what she didn’t do.

when she came home she said “I scolded your your teacher nicely for just scolding you ” then she asked “by the way Maya what is that you didn’t do her mother asked “My homework” said Maya.

Submited by Bernadeth Fernando

The Old Man and Death

There was an Old Man who had to work very hard. He had to cut wood in the forest, every day. One day, he thought to himself, ‘Oh! This work is too hard for me!’

Now, the Old Man had to carry the logs into the city for sale. He had to walk a long distance with his load to reach the city. He often thought, ‘I wish somebody was there to help me with this hard work!’

One day, when he was walking towards the city, he became very tired with his long journey. He sat down by the wayside and threw down his load in anger. Then, he started saying loudly, “I hate this hard work. Why doesn’t Death to come me?”

When “Death” heard the Old Man calling him, he immediately appeared in answer to his summons. Death asked him, “Why did you call me?”

The Old Man was shocked to see Death as he did not want to die. The Old Man hurriedly replied in much fear, “I called you so that you might help me in lifting the wooden logs. Please help me to place them again upon my shoulders.”

Think before you speak.

The Ass and the Charger

Once, a Soldier had an Ass and a Horse. The Ass was made to do all the hard-work and given little food to eat. The Horse did not do anything but the Soldier gave him good food and cared for him. The Ass did not like this partial behaviour towards him.

One day, the Ass said to the Horse, “Our master takes good care of you and does not make you work. I do all the work and he does not even care for me.”

The Horse replied, “The master is treating me well so that I become strong to go to the war with him.” One day, a war broke out between two countries and the Soldier had to go to fight. The Soldier wore his armour, took his sword and mounted the Horse. Then he took the Horse to the war and rushed into the battlefield, fighting the enemy. The Horse was wounded severely in the battle and died when he reached home.

When the Ass saw the Horse dead, he said to himself, “I feel sorry for the Horse and have realised how lucky I am to be alive!”

Do not be jealous of the conditions of others.

The Leopard and the Shepherds

Leopard was searching for food in a village. There was a big pit in the village, which was covered with dry leaves and sticks. The Leopard did not see the pit and fell into it.

A Shepherd looked inside the pit and said to the other Shepherds, “Look! A Leopard has fallen inside the pit.”

B19Just to have fun, some Shepherds threw stones at the Leopard. However, some kind Shepherds threw some food inside the pit so that the Leopard could stay alive. By nightfall, all the Shepherds returned home. They thought that the Leopard would die at night. At night, the Leopard gathered all his strength and crawled out of the pit and went to his den. After a few days, when the Leopard was strong again he went to the village to take his revenge. The Leopard killed all the Shepherds who had thrown stones at him and ate their cattle.

The other Shepherds were scared and begged the Leopard, “Please take our cattle but spare our lives.” The wise Leopard replied, “I have come to harm only those Shepherds who hit me with stones.”

If we trouble someone who is in distress, we will suffer likewise.

Aesop at Play

Once, Aesop was playing with some children in his neighbourhood. He was running around and laughing out with those children.

While Aesop played, a Man from Athens, who knew him, walked by the playfield. He saw Aesop playing and was shocked to see his childish play.

The Man laughed aloud at Aesop and said, “Aesop, such kind of play does not suit your age and wisdom. What are you trying to teach these children? Don’t you have better things to do?”B18

hearing the Man’s words, Aesop did not lose his cool. He smiled and ran back to the field to bring a bow. The Man was curious to see what Aesop would do next.

Aesop   then tied a string around  the bow and kept it at the Man’s feet. Then he said, “Dear friend, if this bow is always kept strained, it would lose its elasticity. And some day, it will snap. We have to sometimes use it or let it go free so that it will be fitter for use when it is wanted!” The Man understood what Aesop said.

Physical activity is important for an active and fresh mind.