The Ploughman and Fortune

Once, there was a Ploughman who lived in the village. He ploughed the land by turning over soil with his plough. He earned his living by ploughing the fields of the farmers of the village. However, the Ploughman was very poor, since he could

The Eagle and the Kite

One day, an Eagle flew to the branch of a tree. The Eagle was very sad. A Kite saw her and asked, “Why are you sad?” The Eagle replied, “I am unable to find a strong husband for myself.” The Kite said to the Eagle,

The Olive Tree and the Fig Tree

In a forest, there were an Olive Tree and a Fig Tree. The Olive Tree was very beautiful. It was very proud of its beauty, therefore it never spoke to the Fig Tree kindly. One day, the Olive Tree said to the Fig Tree,

The Bald Man and the Fly

On a hot summer day, a Bald Man was sitting in his sweet shop. A lot of flies were buzzing around the tasty, tempting sweets to sit on them. The Man thought to himself, ‘I must not let any fly sit on the sweets

The Silly Mother

Once upon a time there lived a girl called Maya . One day when she came home from school she went straight to her mother and said ” Mummy , today my teacher punished me for something I didn’t do . The mother was

The Old Man and Death

There was an Old Man who had to work very hard. He had to cut wood in the forest, every day. One day, he thought to himself, ‘Oh! This work is too hard for me!’ Now, the Old Man had to carry the logs into

The Ass and the Charger

Once, a Soldier had an Ass and a Horse. The Ass was made to do all the hard-work and given little food to eat. The Horse did not do anything but the Soldier gave him good food and cared for him. The Ass did

The Leopard and the Shepherds

Leopard was searching for food in a village. There was a big pit in the village, which was covered with dry leaves and sticks. The Leopard did not see the pit and fell into it. A Shepherd looked inside the pit and said to

Aesop at Play

Once, Aesop was playing with some children in his neighbourhood. He was running around and laughing out with those children. While Aesop played, a Man from Athens, who knew him, walked by the playfield. He saw Aesop playing and was shocked to see his