The Flute Player

Once upon a time, there was a famous flute player in Rome. His name was Prince. At one of the shows, while Prince was playing the flute, he slipped and tumbled down the stage. People came running to carry him out, as he had broken his leg.

His listeners missed him, as he took many months to recover.

One day, an important man from Rome was organising a show. He invited Prince to make an appearance.

On the day of the show, when the curtains parted, a chorus was being played. Prince had not heard this before, as he was away from the theatre for a long time.

The words of the chorus were “Rejoice, 0 Rome: you are safe now that the Prince is well!”

All the people stood up and clapped loudly. The flute player blew kisses to them, thinking that his listeners were happy to have him back.

The audience knew that Prince was making a mistake. Then, he bowed before the people. Suddenly, he lost control and fell off the stage. The song was in fact being played as an honour to the Prince of Rome.

Self importance can be harmful.

Hard Work and Laziness

In a large house, lived a lazy Young Man. He woke up in the afternoon, ate his meals and then lay in bed again. He had a parrot named Polly. She watched this lazy fellow and was puzzled by him.

One day, Polly asked the Young Man, “Don’t you get tired of lying in bed all day and all night? The sun has been out hours ago, and people have finished half their day’s work.”

“Why are you so lazy?” she asked, as she ruffled her feathers.

The Young Man yawned and answered, “Every morning, when I wake up, two friends whisper in my ears. One friend is Hard Work and the other Laziness.” “Hard Work says, Wake up! There is lots to do today. Time is passing by, don’t waste it by sleeping.’ But Laziness says, Why the hurry to wake up? Sleep some more. Why should you work while there are others to work hard?”‘

The Young Man continued, “I listen patiently to both my friends. All my time goes by like that and so, I keep lying in bed for a long time.”

Just talk does not help; we should get up and work.

A Cock and the Horses

Once, a Cock lost his way and went inside a stable. He was very scared. He thought, ‘Lord! Where am I? This place looks so large and strange. I also do not see my family and friends anywhere!’

Just then, he heard a loud neigh. He was even more scared. He looked up and saw a Horse trotting out of the place. He said, “What are you doing in our home? This place is not meant for a small creature like you. Get out of here, soon.”

The Cock then realised that he was inside a stable. He thought, ‘I must find my way out. I feel very lonely, here. These Horses are so different from us!’ The Cock could not ask any Horse about the way out, as they were busy eating their food. The Cock tried to leave, but he almost got trampled. The Horses kept stamping their feet all the time. The Cock became irritable and shouted, “My good friends! Please be more careful. If somebody gets lost in our home, we never crush them!”

The poor Cock found his way out, after facing many difficulties.

Always respect your guests.

The Swallow and the Crow

Once, a proud Swallow lived on a large tree. He Liked his colourful feathers and his long tail. One day, he saw a Crow and thought, ‘How dull this bird is! All his feathers are black.’ He looked at himself lovingly and admired his own feathers.

Just then, the Crow flew and sat on the same branch as the Swallow. The Swallow said, ‘All your features are black and your tail is so short.”

The Crow smiled and said, “But they help me fly” The Swallow said, “So do mine, but look at how beautiful they are!” He spread his wings and flew a little closer to the Crow. The Crow saw that the Swallow had lots of blue feathers and some white and pink ones, too. He looked at his own feathers and thought, `It’s true, the Swallow’s feathers are really colourful.’

The Crow said, “Swallow, you are right. You have lovely feathers and a long tail, but only in summer. Your beautiful feathers fall off and cannot keep you warm in winters. While you shiver, my feathers are always there. They keep me warm in the cold winters.”

Don’t be proud of something that is of little use.

The Lion and the Frog

The Lion was the King of the forest. He had a powerful voice and he roared to please himself and scare others.

All the animals were scared of him. He also knew every corner of the forest and every animal and every sound in it.

Now, there was a pond in the middle of the forest. The Lion would drink water and sleep there for some

time, every day.

One day, the Lion finished drinking water and lay down by the pond. As his eyes were closing, he heard a new sound. It was a hollow, croaky

sound. He opened his eyes, but he didn’t see anyone! Then, he heard it a second, and a third time.

By now, the Lion was scared and thought in fear, `What if it were a ghost?’

After some time, a Frog crawled out of the pond and croaked.

The Lion saw that he had been scared out of his wits by so small a creature!

He grew angry with the Frog and tore it to pieces with his claws. The poor Frog never croaked again!

It is silly to fear anything without complete knowledge of it.

The Fox and the Wolf

A Wolf lived in a cave. He had stocked up lots of food and did not need too hunting. He then stayed in the cave and enjoyed the food.

When the Wolf did not go out for many days, his friend, the Fox, looked everywhere for him. At long last the Fox found out where the Wolf was. Pretending to ask how the Wolf was feeling, the Fox came to the mouth of the cave and peeped in.

The Fox thought, he would be invited to share the goodies. But, the Wolf replied in a gruff voice, “I am too sick to see you, my dear friend.”

The Fox trotted off, very angry and upset with the Wolf. He went straight to the Shepherd and said, “Get yourself a good stick and come with me, I shall show you where the Wolf lives.”

The Shepherd found the Wolf and killed him with the stick. The Fox then took all the Wolf’s belongings. He did not enjoy the fruits of his betrayal for long! After a few days, the Man was passing by the cave. He saw the Fox there and killed him, too!

Betrayal ends in punishment.

The Hunted Beaver

Once, there was a forest named Freeville. It had many trees and a river. There lived many animals, birds and fish in Freeville. Among them were also the Beavers.

It so happened that all the animals of Freeville started to fall ill suddenly. The Fox was the doctor of Freeville.

Thus, all the animals went to her and said, “Oh doctor! Many of us are falling ill. We do not know which disease we have. Please help us!”

The Fox checked her patients. Then, after much thought, she said, “Friends! I do not know the disease that is causing your illness. However, I can tell you of a cure. You should all sleep with a Beaver’s tail under your pillow. Then, you shall get well.” Thus, all animals panicked and began to hunt the Beavers. Many Beavers were killed in this manner.

One such day, a Dog was chasing a Beaver to obtain his tail. The Beaver was a smart one. He knew that it was only his tail that the Dog wanted. Thus, he cut off his tail himself and threw it to the Dog. Then, he ran away with his life.

Do not lose your mind in trouble.

The Banana Peel and the Slipper

Once there was a very snobbish lady named Gertrude who always wore yellow slippers.They were covered in rhinestones & they were made of plush velvet,She used to wear flip flops, until one day she stubbed her toe and the tip came off. So after that she started wearing slippers to hide her toe. She found the slippers at a thrift store for $2.65 plus tax. She also found a nightgown for $1.99, which she wore everywhere. Even to Walmart. One day, on her way into Walmart, the door greeter complimented her yellow slippers and asked her where she got them.She said she got them at an auction, for $6000 because they used to belong to Whoopie Goldberg.Yes,Gertrude was not only a snob, but a pathological liar.Her personality was about as unattractive as her name.
Well, as she continued toward the produce department, she git her usual load of mini cucumbers (she loved to make pickles). She also got some olive loaf,a new set of toenail clippers,Dr.Shoal’s foot powder,onions,a few cans of beans,air freshener,& some toilet paper.
Anyway,Gertrude was so used to people looking at her shoes, that she got very conceited about it. She started thinking she was better than everyone else..especially since everyone thought that Whoopie Goldberg used to own them, & that she paid top dollar for them.

The Wolf and the Ass

Once, there lived a pack of Wolves in the forest. The Wolves hunted animals in the forest and the nearby village every day, but they did not have a leader.

Therefore, one day, the Wolves decided to select a leader among them.

Thus, a Wolf was selected as the leader. The leader Wolf lectured others about the deeds they should do, but did not do them himself.

One morning, the leader called all the other Wolves and said, “Dear friends! What I am about to say is very important. All of us should be selfless, because it is evil to be greedy. Therefore, I have made a law. While hunting, if you see that any of our brothers is hungry; then you shall give your food to him.”

The other Wolves were very impressed. They said, “Hear! Hear! We have a fine leader. We should do as he says.”

An Ass who was listening to them said, “O leader Wolf! Let us begin the selflessness with the sheep that you killed last night and hid in your cave.”

The leader Wolf ran away quickly to his cave, so that no one could eat his sheep.

Act according to your words.