The Peasant

The Roman Kingdom was growing bigger. Roman soldiers controlled the cities that they won. Next, the Romans won a small village on River Danube. Seeing the cruelty of the Roman rulers, a poor villager decided to meet the Roman Ministers.

The Villager was an ugly, hairy man. He had thick eyebrows and lips. He had a crooked nose and a squint in his eye! But, he bravely, faced the Roman Ministers. Everyone wondered what this ugly Villager would say.

The Villager asked the Romans, “Why are you killing everyone and taking their lands? Why are you robbing the people and living in style? People were so afraid that they have left their homes and are hiding. The Romans are spoiling everything, instead of making life better.”

“Please go back! We do not like the way the Romans

treat us! We were happy before you Romans came!”

The Romans were amazed at his wonderful speech. The Villager was right!

They made the Villager, the Governor, and called the Roman soldiers back! They also wanted his speech written down for others to read.

The city on the River Danube was happy again.

Do not judge anyone by the way he looks.

The Lion

King Leopard happily ruled over his Kingdom.

However, one day, a Lion Cub was born in a distant part of the Kingdom. The Leopard felt sorry because the poor cub had no father. But the Prime Minister, the Fox, knew that when the Lion Cub grew up, there would be trouble. Lions always respect friendship and never fight needlessly with other animals. So, he advised the Leopard, “It is wise to be friendly with the Lion Cub to control his power.”

King Leopard did not listen. Many years passed. The Cub grew into a big Lion! He was brave, watchful and clever. He began to show his power. The Fox begged the Leopard again, “Before he destroys us fully, please        give  the Lion a part of the Kingdom, some oxen and other animals to feed on. We can live safely in the other part of the Kingdom.”

“No, I will not give him any part of my Kingdom!” the Leopard again refused the Fox’s advice.

Very soon, the Lion became so powerful that he slowly won the Leopard’s Kingdom and became King, instead!

If there is a strong person in your life, make sure he is your friend!

The Two Parrots

Once upon a time, there lived a King, his Son and two Parrots. The Prince and the Baby Parrot were very fond of each other and grew up together.

The Prince was fond of birds. So, one day, he petted a Sparrow in the garden. The Parrot did not like it, as the Sparrow was his enemy.

One day, while they were playing together, there arose a fight and the Parrot pecked the Sparrow. The shocked Prince picked the dead Sparrow and in anger, killed the Parrot.

The father of the Baby Parrot heard the sad news that his son was dead. He attacked the Prince and pierced both his eyes. Then he flew to a tall tree for safety.

The Prince requested the Parrot, “Forget all that has happened, and please return.”

The King added, “It is destiny that has brought such a sad tragedy. That your child should die and mine become blind.”

The Parrot replied, “How can I trust you, after what has happened? It’s better for me to be far from you, than to experience your love turned to hate.”

Do not trust a revengeful person.

A Hunter, a Deer, a Pig, a Snake and a Jackal

Once upon a time, a Hunter lived in a forest. One morning, he set out hunting, hoping to find a deer.

Soon, he saw a Deer and hunted him down. The Hunter slung him over his shoulder and merrily started home.

On the way, he came across a fat Pig. He dropped the Deer on the ground and shot the Pig with an arrow.

The Pig gave a fearful grunt and charged at the Hunter. He hit the Hunter hard in the stomach and killed him instantly. Then the wounded Pig also fell down dead.

During the fight, a Snake that was passing by got trampled and died.

All this time, a Jackal was sitting behind a tree.

When he saw the Hunter, Deer, Pig and Snake, all lying dead, he was overjoyed and said to himself, “Ah! What luck! It looks as though I am going to have a feast, but I shall eat only a little at a time so it will last me longer.”

Then, the Jackal dragged each body to his cave, one by one. He had a feast for a long time!

Be patient and think wisely.

A Rich Mouse and a Holy Man

Once, there lived a Holy Man. He was poor and depended on alms. He would eat a little food and keep the rest in a begging bowl, hung high up on a peg. A Mouse had seen this, and used to jump up and help himself to the food.

One day, a friend of the Holy Man visited him. After they had eaten, they started chatting. The Holy Man could not concentrate and kept tapping on the ground with a stick to scare the Mouse away.

The friend asked, “What are you doing? Why don’t you listen to me, properly?” “Excuse me!” said the Holy Man. “It’s just that dreadful Mouse! He eats away whatever food I manage to save.” Wondering how the Mouse could jump so high, the friend said, “The Mouse must have put aside a lot of food, which must give him extraordinary energy to jump so high.”

They then, dug and found the hoard of food that the Mouse had gathered and took it away.

The Mouse returned and found his hoard of food missing, and was very sad. He lost all interest in stealing food from the Holy Man’s bowl.

Identify the enemy’s source of strength to defeat him.

An Old Tiger and a Greedy Traveller

Once, there was an old Tiger that could no longer hunt. One morning, he stood in a lake and held a blade of holy grass in one paw and a gold bracelet in the other. He was shouting, “Ladies and Gentlemen! A gold bracelet for charity.”

A Traveller, passing by, liked the gold bracelet. However, he was scared of the Tiger.

The Traveller said, “How can I believe that you would not harm me?”

The Tiger replied, “I admit that when I was young, I was wicked and killed many cows and human beings. Then a holy man advised me to give alms. So, now I take a bath and give things for the sake of charity. Besides, I’ve gone old. My teeth and claws have fallen off. So, what have you to fear from me?”

The Traveller believed him and went into the lake, but got struck in the deep mud.

When the Tiger saw this, he comforted him. “Oh! Don’t worry. I’ll help you,” he said, and slowly waded towards the Traveller and grabbed him.

Soon after that, the Tiger killed the Traveller and ate him up.

You must not risk your life at the cost of greed.

The Four Travellers

Once upon a time, a Merchant, a Noble, a Shepherd and a Prince were travelling on the sea. Suddenly, a storm occurred. The four travellers were thrown by the waves on an unknown island.

Their clothes were torn and they had lost all their belongings.

The Prince started crying, “This is all because of our sad fate.”

The Shepherd said, “Forget about what has happened. Now think of what to do next. We will not gain anything by crying, but if we work hard, we could go home or maybe live here and make a good home here.”

The other three, at once, agreed with the Shepherd. They started thinking what they could do best. The Merchant and the Prince decided to teach. The Noble said he would open schools for the subjects they taught.

The simple Shepherd then said, “Why talk so impractically, are we to starve till then? Think of something you can do now and here!”

Then he went into the forest and brought a bundle of twigs and took it to the market to sell. With the money from the sale they were able to buy some food.

We need to be practical to solve problems.

The Lion Going to War

One day, the King of the Forest called for a meeting. He was preparing to go for war. He wanted to give each animal a responsibility.

To the Elephant, he said, “Elephant, you should carry all the weapons of war on your back and fight

with great strength.”

Then, the Lion told the Bear, “Be prepared to rush in while the war is on, we may need you if the enemy is pushing us over.”

He said to the Fox, “Your task is to fix all the secret plots.” Then, he called the Monkey and said, “Take care that the enemies should be amused by your tricks.”

While all the animals waited their turn, one of them said, “What

use are the Ass and the Hare? They are too cowardly to fight. Send them home.” “No,” said the King, “everyone has a part to play. Without their help we would be incomplete.”

Then the King said, “The Ass shall be our trumpeter, to scare our enemy. And then the lively Hare will carry home the report of our victory.”

In this way, the wise King got all the animals involved and ready for battle.

Everyone is gifted with a talent different from another.

The Master and his Student

Once, a Master was walking on the banks of a river. Suddenly, he heard a cry. He ran to the

riverside and saw his Student in the water. The Student was waving his arms and crying out loud. When he saw the Master, he shouted, “Master! Please help me. I will drown in the river.”

The Master asked his Student to stay calm. He said, “Son! Do not panic! I shall find a way to bring you out. But how did you fall into the river?”

The Student replied, “I was learning how to swim with the help of a log of wood. After a while, I felt I could swim without it. So, I left the log and started swimming without it. The force of the stream was very rough and I lost my balance.”

The Master looked around for another log of wood, and found one lying upon the bank. He threw it towards his Student and said, “Let this be a warning to you. In future, never throw away the log until you are quite sure you have learnt to swim without it.”

Do not make rash and hasty decisions.

The Farmer’s Wife and the Crow

A Farmer and his Wife lived in a village. The Farmer grew vegetables on his farm. His Wife sold them in the market.

One day, the Farmer’s Wife went to sell vegetables in the market. With the money earned from selling the vegetables, she bought some eggs.

Then she sat on her horse to go home and carried the basket, full of eggs, in her lap. She was very excited with the profits made during the day.

The Farmer’s Wife rode carelessly and dreamt of things she would buy with the money. Suddenly, all the eggs in the basket fell on the ground and broke.

The Farmer’s Wife was very unhappy. She blamed a Crow that sat on a tree branch, screeching loudly. She shouted, “Fool! Why did you make so much noise? I was surprised to hear your unpleasant voice and so all the eggs broke.”

The Crow replied, “Lady, you were not careful while riding, and were lost in your thoughts. You should not blame me for your fault!”

The Farmer’s Wife was ashamed of her behaviour. She realised her mistake and apologised to the Crow.

One should not blame others for their own faults.