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The Geese and the Tortoise

Three friends, a pair of geese and a turtle lived happily in a shallow lake. However, as the summer came, the lake started drying up. The geese were worried. “It is not wise to stay here anymore,” they told turtle. “It is high time we move to a new lake.” “I cannot fly like you,” […]

A True Learning From Nature

DUCK looks so   “SMOOTH & CALM” on top of water & UNDER WATER she does RESTLESS PEDALLING ———————————————————————- Remember : In Life Nothing is Worth “Without Struggle” 

The wolf and the dog

A wolf was going over a high way in the evening. It was hungry. He met a dog. The dog was fat and appeared happy. The wolf made friendship with the dog. “You are looking better. It appears you are happy and enjoying. Your skin is so nice. You have been fed properly with vitamins, […]

The wise and the fool

There was a clever man in a town. The people of the town respected him much for his cleverliness. There was also a fool in the same town. People didn’t like him. Nobody was allowing him to sit with them. Fe was kept at arm’s length. Once the fool decided to see the clever man […]

Two doves

Once upon a time. There lived a hunter who used to hunt birds and sell them in the market for money. Whenever he was hungry he was eating the baked flesh of the birds. He was going Ad to forest with a net and bamboo stick in order to hunt birds. One day he was […]

Lame and the blind

John was a blind boy. He was unable to see anything. One day he was running from pillar to post in order to cross a road. Another boy, by name George was standing nearby. John asked him to help him to cross the road. George was lame. He told to John. “Friend ! I am […]

Castles in the air

Thousand years ago there lived a scholar Ramabhatta in a village. Those days were difficult for people to survive. Especially Ramabhatta had very meager earnings. He was very poor. He lived begging here and there. His scholarship was not utilized by the villagers properly. He had to live without food in the nights.   Once […]

Midas touch

Midas was the king of Greenland. He had enormous riches. He was the richest among the kings of his time. His kingdom was also very large and wide. There was no need of further riches. But still he was not satisfied with his wealth and kingdom. He wanted to become still rich and extend his […]

The gardener

Wills was a gardener. He was pious. He was always active. He was never lazy. Above all he was honest. He had worked hard when he was young. He became old. He had two children. One day Wills called his children and asked,   “My dear children, have you seen my garden?” “Yes father, why not […]

The hunter and the bear

  Kalaiah was a hunter. He was very brave. Not that he hunted tigers or bears. He was good at talking about them. When somebody met him he used to say “look, last night I hunted a bear in a thick forest. Actually the bear gazed at me. I had no fear. I told the […]