King Zach ruled the kingdom of Hackensack. He was so dirty and smelly that no one ever went near him. “Why do people dislike me? Is my crown on backwards?” he asked his minister, Sir Pack. “That’s because you are dirty and stinky,” explained Sir Pack. “What should I do then?” asked a worried King Zach. “You should scrub yourself well and take a bath,” replied Sir Pack. King Zach rushed to take a bath in the nearby pool. When he emerged from the pool he realised that he was once again standing in the mud, “Oh! My feet are soiled,” sighed King Zach and rushed back to the pool. When Sir Pack arrived he explained his problem to him. “No problem, Master. I can carry you on my back,” said Sir Pack. King Zach hopped on Pack’s back and cried, “Hurrah, I will ride piggyback on your back from now on and my feet will never get dirty again!”

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