The Monster in the Sun

0nce, an Astronomer was observing the Sun through a telescope. While he was working, he was astonished by what he saw. A large portion of the Sun was covered by a Monster of a huge size and horrible form! The Monster had a huge pair of wings and a lot of legs. His long, big tongue was sticking out.

The Astronomer began to draw many conclusions. He calculated the size of this extraordinary animal and found that the Monster was seven or eight times as big as the Moon. However, what was most strange about the Monster was the amount of heat it would bear!

To live on the Sun would mean tolerating heat two thousand times more than that of a red-hot iron!
The Astronomer informed the others. Quite soon, many other scientists and astronomers came to see this Monster through the telescope. They all agreed with the Astronomer’s results.
At last, one careful and intelligent Scientist came to see this strange sight. He opened the telescope, and
found a small Fly trapped in the centre of the objectglass. It was this Fly which was giving the illusion of the Monster!

Use your common sense.

The Lion and the Gnat

One afternoon, a Lion had just finished his meal and decided to take his afternoon nap. The Lion had just closed his eyes, when a Gnat saw him.

Now, this Gnat, though active and young, was also haughty and over-confident. He was extremely daring and he attacked the Lion. The Lion was very angry and woke up with a start. But the Gnat did not stop. He kept stinging the Lion’s nose, eyes and ears. The Lion roared in pain. He tried to crush the Gnat but all his attempts went in vain The Gnat had no pity on the poor beast.

At last, the poor Lion la exhausted and bleeding on the ground. The Gnat, extremely pleased on his victory over the King of the Forest, hovered over the spot, praising himself and feeling joyful. His pleasure blinded him so much, that while flying, he suddenly got stuck in a Spider-web. No matter how much he tried, the Gnat could not escape.

Thus, the Gnat who had defeated the mighty Lion became the prey of the Spider.

If we hurt someone, we will be hurt, too!

The Lion and the Elephant

Once, a Lion sat thinking by himself. He had sharp, strong claws and teeth and was a beast with immense strength. Yet, whenever he heard a Cock crowing, he would be extremely scared.

The Lion, thus, complained, “Can a life like this be worth living? I am one of the strongest and the bravest and yet, a lowly creature, such as, a Cock has the power to rob my life of its charm by simply crowing!”

Just then, a huge Elephant came along, flapping his ears to and fro, with an air of great concern. “What troubles you so?” asked the Elephant.

The Lion thought of sharing his grief with the Elephant and asked him, “Can anything harm a beast like you who has tremendous bulk and strength?” The Elephant replied, “Do you see this little Gnat? If he ever stings the innermost parts of my ear, I will go mad with pain.”

The Lion understood that even the strongest creatures have weak points. He gained self-confidence and decided never to let troubles overshadow his joys in life.

We all have weak points. Instead of complaining about them, we should focus on the pleasant things in life.

Jupiter and the Animals

One fine day, God Jupiter was in a good mood. He

asked all the animals to come before him. Then, he told them, “All of you look at your appearance and that of other animals. If you feel that anything needs to be changed then please tell me without fear. I will make those changes.”

All the animals started looking at each other and talking.

After a while, Jupiter spoke again, “Master Ape, we will start with you. Please give us your comments.”

The Ape said, “My Lord, I am very happy with my looks but if I were a Bear, I might have
wanted some changes.”

Jupiter then turned to the Bear. The Bear replied, “I find no fault in myself, but could you lengthen the tail and shorten the ears of our friend, Elephant?”

Now, it was the Elephant’s turn to speak. He said, “I think the Whale is too big in size.”

No animal was happy with the others!

God Jupiter was angry to see so much pride among all the animals. He sent all of them away without granting anyone’s wishes.

Too much pride will always harm you!



The Horse and the Hog

Once, a Hog was walking on a street. There, he met a Horse. They both started talking.

The Horse said, “Hog, what do you do all the day?”

The Hog replied, “I eat, sleep and bring up my children. And you?”

The Horse said, “Oh! I am very busy. I go to war with my master. You must also join the army and serve our country!”

The Hog thought for a while and said, “No, Horse, I can’t join the army.”

The Horse asked, “Why not?”

The Hog replied, “I will be of no use to anyone on the battlefield. Neither can anyone sit on me, nor can I run and yes, I don’t know how to fight.”

“But I can teach you, if you want,” said the Horse.

The Hog shook his

head and said, “No, Horse.

Everybody has a different purpose in life. Mine is to take care of my children and yours is to take care of your master. I would like to do my best in my own task and not try to become like someone else.”

The Horse understood that the wise Hog was right.

Whatever you do, do it in the best possible way.

The Partridge and the Cocks

A farmer found a Partridge in his fields and took it home. At home, he cut the wings of the Partridge and left him to live in the little yard where he kept his fighting Cocks.

The Cocks were not very friendly animals. At first, they did not talk to the Partridge, at all.

Then, after some days, they started being rude to him.

They said, “What an ugly fellow you are! You have no wings and cannot fly. We do not understand why the farmer has kept a useless bird like you with great birds like us!”

The Partridge was very sad.

One day, the farmer went to the market with his family. The birds were left alone at home. Suddenly, a Fox came and jumped on the two Cocks. He held both the Cocks under his paws.

Just then, the Partridge jumped on his back and pecked him, sharply. The Fox let go of the two Cocks and was about to hurt the Partridge. However, the farmer returned. He hit the Fox with a stick. Thus, the Fox ran away.

The Cocks thanked the Partridge for saving their lives. Since then, they became good friends.

A kind heart will help you make friends, easily.

The Thrush and the Swallow

A young Thrush lived in an orchard with his parents. One bright spring morning, while he was hopping from branch to branch, he met a Swallow.

The Thrush and the Swallow soon became great friends. After flying over the vast orchards and the green meadows, the Swallow would often come to meet his friend, the Thrush.

The Thrush would be equally excited to meet the Swallow. He would hop from branch to branch,e agerly waiting for the Swallow’s arrival.
Days passed and the” Swallow and the Thrush started spending a lot of time together.

One day, the Thrush said to his mother, “Mother, I am so lucky to have found a friend like the Swallow. None of my friends are as good as him.”

The mother looked at the Thrush and said with love, “My Son, there is no bigger fool than you to make friends with a Swallow! Soon, it will be winter and the Swallow will fly far away to sunny meadows and you will be left alone to sit on a cold branch here!”

Your true friend is someone who will stay with you in your difficult times.

The Sportsman and the Spaniel

One day, a Sportsman took his gun and went to the forest, to hunt for birds. His old Spaniel went with him. The Spaniel was an old dog that had good experience in hunting birds.

While spotting birds, the Sportsman saw a beautiful Bird. He, at once, aimed at the Bird. However, right then, he saw a covey of Partridges flying above his head. He became greedy and decided to somehow shoot both the birds.

Then, suddenly, the Sportsman changed his mind and aimed only at the Partridges. The Sportsman was new and inexperienced to the sport. Thus, he was not able to shoot the Partridges. Also, the loud sound of the bullet alarmed the other Bird and it flew


The Sportsman was very sad at his failure.

The Spaniel saw that his master was sad, so, he said,

“Dear master, you should not have aimed at two birds at the same time. If you would not have become greedy,

looking at the Partridge and kept your concentration on the Bird you would have successfully captured it!”

It is important to focus on your goal rather than get distracted with various options.


The Sow and the Cat

0 ne day, a Sow was playing with her five piglets in mud. Just then, a Cat came to her. The Cat was followed by a long line of kittens, she had recently delivered.

The Cat and the Sow exchanged greetings and started a conversation.

Soon, the Sow and the Cat started discussing the large sizes of their families.

The Sow said to the Cat, “Dear sister, we are so lucky to be able to give birth to a large litter of babies.”

The Cat smiled and said, “Yes sister, what you say is true. But, your litter, though big, is of no use. They will grow up to be lazy pigs like you. It is foolish of you to deliver so many piglets at the same time!”

The Sow did not like what the Cat said for her piglets.

So, she said to the Cat, “Sister! I may be foolish but you are no better. You deliver your kittens blind and leave them to the mercy of the predator.”

The Cat realised her mistake and apologised to the Sow for saying harsh words to her.

Do not find fault in others, as nobody is perfect.

The Large Tree

Once, three Crows and two Sparrows lived in a forest. They all were good friends. They would meet every day and fly around together from one place to another. The Crows would constantly look for food and the Sparrows for a place to make their nests.

One day, the Crows said, “Let’s explore this part of the forest.  Someone told us there is lots of food here.”
The new part of the forest was beautiful and there was, indeed, plenty of food. However, there was only
one large tree. The Sparrows and the Crows wanted to live there.

The Sparrows told their aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and friends about the new place. Everyone wanted to live there. The Crows also did the same.

Soon, a big fight broke out among the birds. The Crows said, ‘We found the place first, so we will live on
the tree.”
The Sparrows said, “So what? We will live there. We found the tree first.”
After this, the two Sparrows and three Crows also could not be friends.

They constantly fought with each, “You Crows are bad.”
“You Sparrows are fools!”
Thus, they went back to their own kind.

Birds of a feather flock together.