The Fox and the Ass

One morning, a Fox was crossing a farmyard. The Farmer had laid a trap for the Fox in which he got caught.

An Ass was watching the Fox struggling to free himself from the trap. The Ass knew that since the Fox was trapped, it was safe for him to take a closer look.

When the Fox saw the Ass, he addressed him in the most polite manner saying, “Dear cousin, how have you been? See, what an unfortunate situation I am trapped in, all because of you.”

The Ass did not understand why!

The Fox continued, “You see brother, I was quietly going to my house but I heard you bray, loudly. I thought you might be in trouble and turned around to see if I could be of help. But, I got trapped myself. Now, you must help me out of it. Please fetch me a pointed stick from the farm to open the trap.” The Ass heard the Fox and ran to tell the Farmer about it. The Farmer immediately took a sturdy stick to teach the Fox a lesson against all future mischief!

Never trust cunning people.

The Eclipse

One day, the Moon was under the eclipse of the Sun. There was darkness all over the Moon and she was not able to glow in the light of the Sun. Many hours passed but the darkness stayed.

The Moon did not like being dark, therefore, she complained to the Sun, “My dearest friend, what has stopped you from shining upon me like always? Did I do something wrong? I am so dark and gloomy without your sunlight.”

The Sun replied, “I have not stopped shining upon you, dear friend, I am sure there is some other problem.” The Moon and the Sun could not understand the reason behind this mysterious problem. Suddenly, the Moon saw Planet Earth standing in between him and the Sun.

Angrily, the Moon said to the Sun, “It is Planet Earth standing between us. He has blocked all the light that comes to me from you.”

Planet Earth saw the Moon angry and gave him a naughty smile. Instead of moving out of the way quickly, Planet Earth further slowed down its pace.

The Moon became angrier while the Sun and Earth laughed, loudly!

We must all follow the rules of Nature.

The Cormorant and the Fish

An old Cormorant lived by a pond. His eyes had become weak and he could not spot his prey easily. The Cormorant started scheming to meet his daily need of food.

One day, he saw a Fish swimming on the surface of the pond. The Cormorant called out to him and said, “Dear friend, the fishermen are going to come here in a week’s time to catch all the fish. You must immediately warn your brothers.”

The Fish quickly swam to its brothers and told them the news. All the Fish of the pond got worried. They went to the Cormorant and asked him for help.

The Cormorant told them that he had found a shallow pond near his house. Since no fisherman knew about the pond, all the Fish could stay there. The Cormorant offered to take the Fish to the new pond one at a time.

All the Fish agreed, happily.

The cunning Cormorant carried the Fish to the shallow pool of water where he could easily see till the bottom of the pool. There, he caught them, every day, to satisfy his hunger.

Do not agree to an enemy’s plan without knowing the truth.

The Blind Man and the Lame Man

Once, a Blind Man was walking along a rough road. He found it very difficult to walk alone as he could not see the bumps and the puddles on the road.

Just then, someone touched the Blind Man’s arm. It was a Lame Man.

The Blind Man introduced himself to the Lame Man and said, “Dear friend, I am facing difficulty walking on the road alone. Will you please guide me and help me complete my journey?”

The Lame Man replied sadly, “I would have readily helped you, my friend, but I am lame and cannot move

even an inch without help. How will I guide you?”

The Lame Man then thought for a moment and said to the Blind Man, “You seem to be strong and healthy. If you carry me on your shoulders, we can both complete our journey. I will guide you as I can see and you can carry me as you have strong legs.”

The Blind Man readily agreed to the solution offered by the Lame Man.

Both men helped each other and completed their journey, safely and with pleasure.

We all can achieve our goals by helping one another in times of need.

The Moon and her Mother

One night, the Moon was shining quietly in the sky. From high above, she suddenly started noticing that the people on Earth looked very colourful and different from each other. She realised that this was because they all wore beautiful clothes!

She thought, ‘0, I wish I could also have a nice cloak made from the colours of the rainbow!’

As morning drew near, the Sun came up. It was time for the Moon to sleep. But, she went to her Mother and said, “Dear Mother, people look beautiful in colourful clothes. How I wish to have a colourful cloak for myself, too! Will you please make one for me?”

The Moon’s Mother smiled at her and said, “My dear child, I would love to make a cloak for you but how can I do so? Right now you have a new body but soon you will start increasing in size and finally, become bigger. Because of your changing size, you will not fit into anything I make for you.”

The Moon, sadly, agreed with her Mother. She, then, went to bed till the arrival of night.

It is always good to think about our wishes from a practical point of view.

The Lion and the Goat

ll the animals of the forest were suffering from heat on a hot summer’s day. There was no water anywhere!

A Lion and a Goat were in search of water. Both of them reached a pond at the same time to quench their thirst.

The Lion said to the Goat, “I came to the pond first, so I will drink water, first.” The Goat said the same thing and they both started to quarrel.

A flock of Vultures was flying above the pond. They were waiting for the fight to end, so that they could feast on the loser.

The Lion and the Goat fought for some time. None of them gave up. After a while, they stopped to take breath and noticed two Vultures on a rock. They heard them talking to each other,

“The Lion and the Goat will fight and die. We will then

eat them.”

The Goat said to the Lion, “Let us not fight,

anymore, Mighty Lion! It is better to become friends and drink water, than fight and become food for the Vultures.” The Lion agreed.

In times of need, talking to enemies can get you out of the problem.

The Hen and the Cat

Once upon a time, there lived some Hens and a Cat on a poultry farm. The Hens were scared of the Cat, since, she was known to eat hens and chickens.

One day, one of the Hens fell ill. She could not move around and sat in her nest, the entire day. The Cat heard about the sick Hen and thought to herself, ‘The sick Hen will be weak. I can easily catch her and eat her for lunch.’

The Cat visited the sick Hen and said, “How are you feeling, dear friend? Is there anything I can do for you?”

The Cat continued to say, “If you need anything or any help, please let me

know, dear Hen. Keep your spirits high and do not worry about your health.”

The Hen was scared that the Cat was trying to get close to her by asking her well-being. Fearing her death, the Hen said to the Cat, “Thank you for your concern. You are the only thing I fear. If you will be kind enough to stay away from me, I will soon feel better.”

Uninvited guests are welcome to leave!

The Hedge and the Vineyard

nce, there was a rich Man who owned large wine estates. He had ayoung careless Son who never helped him with work. The Man tried various methods to make his Son work but, all were wasted.

One day, the Man died and the possession of the large estate came to his foolish young Son. The Boy had never been to the estate and did not know how to take care of it.

One day, while taking a walk in his vineyards, the Boy saw the hedges surrounding the vineyards. He looked at them and said to himself, ‘These hedges are a waste. They do not grow any grapes. Let me clear them off.’

The Boy asked his servants to clear the hedges.

The inexperienced Boy did not know that the hedges were to protect the vineyards from other men and beasts.

One night, after he cleared the hedges, the beasts ran into his vineyards and ate all the vines. Some grapes were also stolen by other people.

The next morning, the boy was shocked to see his ruined vineyards. He realised that the hedges were there to protect his vineyards!

It is important to protect what we possess.

The Hawk and the Pigeons

A flock of Pigeons had made their dovecote around a lush green field. The field had another frequent visitor, a Hawk. All the Pigeons lived in the fear of the Hawk. They always lived on the alert. Every time, there was an attack by the Hawk, all the Pigeons hid themselves in their dovecote.

The Hawk found himself in a miserable position. He was not able to kill any Pigeon for his food. Finally, he thought of using a cunning trick to trap the Pigeons.

One morning, the Hawk called out to the Pigeons from far, “You all live a life of anxiety and fear. I can keep you safe from the attack of the falcons and the kites. All you have to do is, make me your King and I will not bother you any more.”

The innocent Pigeons believed the Hawk. They discussed among themselves and made the cunning Hawk their King. But, after a few days the Hawk began his royal feast.

He demanded to eat a Pigeon a day.

“It serves us right to believe the evil Hawk,” said all the grief-stricken Pigeons whose chances were yet to come.

Some remedies are worse than the disease, itself.