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The Swan and the Owl

Once upon a time, there lived a Swan near a lake in a forest. One night, an Owl saw the Swan gliding on the lake in the moonlight. He praised the Swan and soon, the two became friends. They met near the lake for many days. The Owl soon got bored of the place and […]

Zeus and the Potsherds

One day, Zeus, the King of all Gods, was very angry with the people. He called Hermes, who is the Messenger of the Gods, and ordered, “Hermes, your job is to write down a list of all the bad things done by all the people.” Hermes asked, “But where do you want me to write […]

Prometheus and the Two Roads

In the olden days, the Greeks believed Zeus to be the King of all Gods and Prometheus, the God who made man. One day, Zeus called Prometheus and said, “I command you, Prometheus, to show all human beings the way of freedom and the way of slavery.” Prometheus said, “The way to freedom will be […]

The Statue of Truth

The Greeks believe that Prometheus is the Potter God. He makes man from clay. One day, he decided to sculpt a statue of Truth, who would control the behaviour of the people. While he was working, Jupiter suddenly called him. Prometheus had an assistant called Trickery. No cunning Trickery was left in charge of the […]

The Bees and the Beekeeper

Once, there was a man who kept many Bees on his farm. His farm had many beehives that contained honeycombs. One day, when the Beekeeper was away, a thief crept into his farm and stole all the honeycombs. Most of the Bees had gone to the meadow to collect honey. The thief took out the […]

The Bride anci the Two Grooms

  Once, there were two Men who wanted to marry the same beautiful Girl. One of these Men was rich and the other one was poor. The Poor Man earned his living by renting out his donkey. The Rich Man liked the Girl only for her beauty, while the Poor Man truly loved her. However, […]

The Bear and the Crabs

Once upon a time, a Bear lived in the forest. He was huge and would eat a lot of food. However, he was very lazy. So, he enjoyed eating the remains of the prey left by the bigger animals. One day, the lazy Bear felt very hungry. He could not find any food around his […]

The Bird Catcher and the Cricket

One day, a Bird Catcher went to the forest. He wanted to catch a very special kind of bird. So, he looked everywhere to find a wonderful bird. Suddenly, he heard a strange sound. It was like loud music, quite different from any bird song. The Bird Catcher listened for a while and thought, `Oh! […]

Zeus and Man

A long time ago, when life on Earth was being created, God Zeus was giving out gifts to all the creatures. God Zeus gave strength to the elephants. That is why elephants can carry large logs of wood with their trunks. He gave speed to the lions, so that they could chase after their prey. […]

The Wild Doves

One day, a Bird Catcher went to the forest to catch some Wild Doves. He took some of his own Tame Doves and tied them to his net. Next, he spread out the net and hid himself behind a tree. Soon, the Wild Doves flew into that area. They saw their tame relatives happily sitting […]