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The Lion And The Crane

The Bodhisatta was at one time born in the region of Himavanta as a white crane;  now Brahmadatta was at that time reigning in Benares. Now it chanced that as a lion was eating meat a bone stuck in his throat. The throat became swollen, he could not take food, his suffering was terrible. The crane seeing him, […]

The Ill informed Barber

Seth Rajrath was a wealthy merchant who lived in a small town in southern India. One day misfortune befell him and he became a panper. All his wealth and business were lost and Rajrath became a sad man. As a wealthy man Rajrath had not only enjoyed a luxurious life but also had been a […]

The Hermit And The Mouse

Long time ago, in the jungle of Malkand, there lived a hermit named Shalakya. Everyday at dawn he would take a dip in the holy Ganges, chant mantras, and worship God. One evening when he was sitting near the banks of Ganges, he saw a small mouse hiding from the piercing eyes of a hawk. […]

Making An Ass Over A Mare

Once there was a boy. Not the brightest of boys, to be sure. One day when he was returning from the fields, he met a man leading a mare. The boy suddenly had a great desire to own the mare. So he asked the owner, “What will you ask for this mare? I would like […]

The Wise Mother

In the eastern part of India lies the State of Orissa. The area around the Mahanadi’s delta is a very fertile one with rich rice fields, forests and lush green grass which gives ample food for cattle. Long ago there lived a Mahajan’s wife with her three sons and their wives. Theirs was a happy […]

Justice In The Jungle

There was a wild sow in the jungles of Tripura. She lived happily with her children. One day, while she was searching for food for her children in the jungle, she noticed a weeping tiger cub near a bush. Finding no trace of the cub’s mother, she thought that the tigress might have been killed […]

The First Person

Long ago Maharaja Krishna Chandra reigned in Bengal. He had several jesters in his court. The most popular one among them was Gopal. He was a barber by profession. Everyone called him Gopal Bhand. Shand’ means a buffoon, someone who can make people laugh. Gopal’s jokes and actions, his unexpected comments and the way he […]

The Brahmadaitya

In a distant village of Bengal, a poor Brahmin and his wife lived a miserable life. Both begged from house to house and were somehow able to manage a square meal a day. Days passed into years and one day their village had a new zamindar (landowner). The Brahmin thought of paying court to the […]

The Verdict

Many years ago, a gang of four thieves lived in a dense forest. They hid their stolen money in an innocent-looking vessel which they guarded carefully. After a while, they grew fed up with their thieving activities. “I am tired of this lifestyle. We have to be alert constantly in case we are caught!” one […]

The Auspicious Moment

Once there lived a man and his wife. They were very good people and very simple too. So simple that they were almost stupid in many ways. One night they woke up to hear some noise in the house. “Sounds as if there are thieves in the house,” whispered the husband. “Can you hear them, […]