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My life in the tsunami

Authors note: this isn’t actually my part of it. It’s just a support story for Japan and the crisis’s that have been going on there. I strongly support Japan* I live in Fukushima, Japan. I was having a normal family dinner with my wife, son and daughter. We were discussing normal things that any other […]

"In Tall Grass

In tall grass Jeremy K. Phillips 89 Briarwood Street Greenbrier, AR. 72058 501-205-5482 In Tall Grass By Jeremy Mac Ever since my babies came into the world it seems like I haven’t had any time for myself, with the feeding and nurturing and all, motherly things you know, and now that they were nestled […]

Starving Makes It Fat

Matthew stepped onto the scales. Trish, the coordinator, read out his weight. He’d lost three pounds, bringing him to his target weight. He got the loudest cheer of the night. He smiled modestly. Under cover of writing down his achievement on his Weight Warriors pocket card, he looked the women over. He’d already had four […]