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The Clever Thief

One day, a Thief saw an Old Man counting his money. The Thief wished to snatch his money by making some excuse. The Thief decided to fool the Old Man and take away his money. “Why are you stealing fruit from my orchard?” the Thief shouted in anger at the Old Man. “You must be […]

The Peacock

Before he got his beautiful tail, the Peacock was an ordinary bird, with a small bunch of feathers. One day, the Peacock visited Juno, the Goddess of Protection. The Peacock told her that he wished to look grand and beautiful. Juno smiled. He was a good bird and she liked him. The Peacock then described […]

The Farmer and the Dog

One evening, a Farmer returned home from his farm. He had left his baby asleep in the cradle. His faithful Dog was watching over the child. When the Farmer reached the room, he saw the baby’s cradle turned upside down and blood everywhere. The baby was missing. The Farmer understood that a beast had killed […]

The Ape and the Bee

Once, an Ape saw thick syrup under a tree. The syrup looked golden in the sunshine. The Ape saw more drops of the syrup falling from a branch of the tree. The Ape thought, ‘Oh! That must be honey!’ The Ape looked up. He saw high above him, a hive. He also saw that the […]

The Young Girl and the Hen

A Young Girl lived on a farm with her parents. She loved to play with the farm animals. One day, while she was playing with the Hens and their Chicks, a Hen pecked her finger and bit it. “Oh, Papa!” the Young Girl ran to her father, crying and holding out her hand. The Young […]

The Village Jester

Ayoung man, who did not do any work, lived in the countryside. He used to just amuse the townsfolk and make them laugh. So, he was very popular among the people as a jester. In those days, the only mode of transport was carriages drawn by horses. One day, the Jester wanted to play a […]

The Dolphins, the Whales and the Sprat

In a sea, there lived Dolphins, Whales and many other small colourful fishes. One day, the Whales harmed the fishes, who were friends of the Dolphins. The Dolphins got angry and started fighting with the Whales. All the Dolphins gathered to fight against the huge Whales. The Whales said that they were big and strong. […]

The Ant and the Fly

Once, an Ant and a Fly were fighting over who was more important. The Fly said, “Ant! What do you think you are? How can you even think about comparing yourself to me? Look at me! You have to work hard but I pass my time with the rich and the learned. I fly into […]

The Girl and the Spider

Once, there lived a beautiful girl named Amelia. One day, Amelia was climbing the stairs to the attic to play with her toys. Alas! Her frock, made out of muslin cloth, was torn by a sharp nail. When Amelia saw the torn hem of her favourite frock, she became very sad. She kept crying for […]