Example Is Better Than Precept

Have you ever seen a crab walking on land ? It walks as if tilted to one side. Its body is such that it cannot walk straight. And it is a fact that is true of all the crabs on the earth.

One day a mother-crab was sitting on the bank of a river. Her young son was playing nearby. The mother was feeling very happy to see him move about.

Suddenly the mother noticed one thing. She saw that her son walked tilting his body side-ways—not straight. She felt worried about it and wanted him to walk straight.

“You ought to walk straight, not sideways, my son,” advised the mother-crab.

“Show me, dear mother, how to walk straight. I shall follow your example,” retorted the young crab.

The mother-crab tried her best to walk straight but could not. So, she realized her folly. Never find fault with others.


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  1. the entrance of man here on earth is by birth, and the only way of exit is by death.

  2. nice

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