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The Heron and the Crab

There was once a heron who lived near a pond. He had become old and found it difficult to catch fish. He wanted an easy way of catching fish for his food. The heron went to the edge of the pond and just stood there. He did not even try to catch the fish that […]

The Turtle and the Monkey

A turtle went to a shop. He said to the shopkeeper, “Please give me some peanuts. I want to give them to my children. They are hungry.” The shopkeeper took a small bag of peanuts. He gave it to the turtle. The turtle gave him money for it. The turtle took the bag. He started […]

Two Cats

Once there were two cats. One was white, the other was black. They were friends. One day they went for a walk. The white cat saw a roll near the road. “Ah,” said the white cat. “There’s a roti there. How nice!”( Roti: round, baked at cake made of wholemeal bread, chapatti) The black cat […]


“Christmas is approaching. You must clean the house well,” said Jack to his wife. The silly wife thought that Christmas must be a man. “Are you Christmas?” she asked all the people passing by. One wily person, who was going down the street, said that his name was Christmas. The silly wife gave him everything […]

The Story of CHRISTMAS

A special baby At Christmas time once, a man named Joseph and a woman named Mary were going to have a very special baby. An angel told Mary the baby was God’s own son! His name was Jesus.   No room at the inn Joseph and Mary had to go to Bethlehem, a city far […]