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The Fly and the Mule

One day, a Mule was dragging a chariot (two-wheeled vehicle used for races). The Mule was so tired, it seemed he was drunk. While he was walking, a Fly came and sat on the wheel of the vehicle. She said to the Mule, “Oh you drunken Mule, why do you walk so slow? You look […]

The Deer and the Vine

Two Huntsmen were riding around when they saw a Deer and started chasing it. The Deer knew that the Huntsmen would kill him, so he ran as fast as he could to save his life. He saw a thick Vine, nearby and hid himself behind the large, leafy Vine leaves. The Huntsmen were riding on […]

The Playful Mule

Once, there was a very playful and young Mule. He was also very frisky, as he ate a lot of corn. He had a lot of energy but did not work much. One day, having nothing else to do, the Mule started galloping in the fields. He was galloping around at a good speed and […]

The Fox and the Pig

One day, a Fox wanted to cross to the other side of a river. He decided to swim across and reach there. Now, the river was flowing very fast. The Fox tried to swim but was swept away by the force of the water. Tumbling along the bumpy river and rocks, he was finally thrown […]

The Ass, the Dog and the Wolf

nce, there was a Man who lived in the village. He owned an Ass and a Dog. One day, the Man was returning from the town with his two animals. The Ass was carrying many sacks on his back. The Man was walking behind him. The Dog was walking behind the Man. All three were […]

The Thief and the Boy

Once, there was a Thief. He did not feel sorry for his bad deeds. He also believed that he was very smart. Often, he thought to himself, ‘I am the smartest of all. No one can trick me!’ One day, the Thief was walking down the countryside, he saw a Boy. The Boy was sitting […]

The Power of Fables

Demades was a famous Greek speaker. One day, he was speaking to a crowd of people in Athens, the capital of Greece. He was speaking words of wisdom, but the people were not listening to him. Demades noticed that the crowd was not paying attention to his speech. He stopped speaking for a few moments. […]

The Fir-Tree and the Bramble

Once, all the trees of the forest started talking among each other. The tall and handsome Fir Tree boasted, “I am the most beautiful tree. Look at my branches. They almost touch the sky!” He then pointed to the Bramble and said, “You are useful for nothing at all, while I am used for making […]

The Angler and the Salmon

Once, an Angler was fishing at the riverside. His fishing hook was a very delicate one and was meant to catch small fish only. That day, he kept sitting for many hours but did not catch any fish. H e thought, `This has not been a good day for me. I have not been able […]

The Swallow, the Serpent and the Court of Justice

There was once a Swallow, who loved to travel. One day, when the Swallow was on a long journey, she thought, ‘Now I must rest for some time. I will build my nest in this new kingdom.’ The Swallow started to build her nest. While she was working, a few birds came and told her, […]