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A Beautiful Bride For Isaac

One day, Abraham sent for his most trusted servant and said, “Go to the land where I was born and find a wife for my son. God will help you.” Receiving orders from his master, Abraham’s servant set out for the journey with ten camels and treasures. On reaching the town of Nahor, he stopped […]

Trust in God

Abraham and Sarah were happy to have a son of their own. One day, God decided to test Abraham’s faith. “Offer Isaac to me as a Sacrifice,” ordered God. It was difficult for Abraham to choose between God and his son. However, he opted for God’s order. He took Isaac and two of his servants […]

Isaac,s Birth Brings Great Joy

On a starry night, God appeared before Abraham and promised him that he and his wife would have a son. “I will bless her with a son,” said God, .,she will become the mother of nations and kings.” One day, Abraham was sitting by the door of his tent. He saw three men standing in […]

Birth of Ishmael

Once there was a hardworking man called Abraham. Even after many years of marriage, Abraham and his wife, Sarah could not have a child. They were now old, disappointed and impatient. Sarah wondered would she really a mother. However, seeing Abraham’s piousness, God had blessed him with a prophecy of having a son, who would […]

Longing for a Son

One of Noah’s descendants was a man called Abraham, who grew up in the city of Ur in Mesopotamia. His wife was Sarah. This couple had no children. After waiting for manyyears, Abraham began to wonder who would take over from him, if he had no son. He thought how the God’s promise of building […]

Babbling Tongues

After escaping from the flood, Noah’s family and descendants began roaming from place to place in East. Many years later, one group reached a fertile, plain in Babylonia and decided to settle down there. They held a meeting and planned to build there a large city, so that they could live comfortably. They began constructing […]

Great Ark Made By Noah

When God observed that people were becoming more and more wicked, he decided to teach them a lesson. Among the wicked people, there was a gentleman, named Noah. He was very pious, and so God wanted to save him. “I have decided to destroy the men and women I created,” God told him. “Every living […]

Cain Kills Abel

After being driven out of the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve started life on Earth. They had two sons, Abel and Cain. Abel worked as a shepherd, while Cain worked as a farmer. Once, they were required to give offerings to God. Cain brought a small amount of his harvest crops with a careless […]

Adam and Eve

After creating the world, God made a beautiful garden, called Garden of Eden. It was a paradise full of animals, fruits and trees. At the centre of the garden, there was a tree with a special power to give the knowledge of good and evil to the person who ate its fruit. Adam was the […]

The Origin of the World

Long ago when there was nothing, God created heaven and earth. The earth was completely dark without any shape and hunged over the ocean water. God created everything just by the power of his vocal commands. The first day God said, “Let the light shine.” The light appeared. He called the day to the light […]