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Hard Work and Laziness

In a large house, lived a lazy Young Man. He woke up in the afternoon, ate his meals and then lay in bed again. He had a parrot named Polly. She watched this lazy fellow and was puzzled by him. One day, Polly asked the Young Man, “Don’t you get tired of lying in bed all day […]

A Cock and the Horses

Once, a Cock lost his way and went inside a stable. He was very scared. He thought, ‘Lord! Where am I? This place looks so large and strange. I also do not see my family and friends anywhere!’ Just then, he heard a loud neigh. He was even more scared. He looked up and saw […]

The Swallow and the Crow

Once, a proud Swallow lived on a large tree. He Liked his colourful feathers and his long tail. One day, he saw a Crow and thought, ‘How dull this bird is! All his feathers are black.’ He looked at himself lovingly and admired his own feathers. Just then, the Crow flew and sat on the same […]

The Lion and the Frog

The Lion was the King of the forest. He had a powerful voice and he roared to please himself and scare others. All the animals were scared of him. He also knew every corner of the forest and every animal and every sound in it. Now, there was a pond in the middle of the […]

The Fox and the Wolf

A Wolf lived in a cave. He had stocked up lots of food and did not need too hunting. He then stayed in the cave and enjoyed the food. When the Wolf did not go out for many days, his friend, the Fox, looked everywhere for him. At long last the Fox found out where […]

The Large Tree

Once, three Crows and two Sparrows lived in a forest. They all were good friends. They would meet every day and fly around together from one place to another. The Crows would constantly look for food and the Sparrows for a place to make their nests. One day, the Crows said, “Let’s explore this part of the forest.  Someone told […]

The Birds and the Ocean

n the shores of an Ocean, there lived a pair of Birds. The female Bird was about to have babies. She told her husband, “Please find me a suitable and quiet place, where I can lay my eggs.” “This is the right place!” he said. “Oh no!” she replied. “When the tide is high, this […]

The Man and Apollo

There once lived a Man in a village. He was very cunning and often cheated the villagers. He did not believe in God and thought he was cleverer than God. One day, the Man went to the temple of Apollo. He called all the villagers to the temple. He said to them, “I will prove […]

The Monkeys and a Bell

Once, there lived a Thief in a kingdom. One day, he stole a Church bell and ran into the forest. Soon, a Tiger saw the Thief, pounced upon him and killed him. The bell dropped to the ground. Some Monkeys found the bell and started playing with it. When the people found the Thief’s body they […]

A Wizard and a Mouse

Long ago, there lived a great Wizard. One day, as he was walking through the village, a Mouse fell to the ground from the beak of a crow. He picked up the Mouse and fed him some rice. Then, one day, the Wizard saw a Cat chasing the Mouse around the village. Scared that his pet […]