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The Second Voyage

On the next day, Hindbad the porter visited Sindbad’s place to hear the talc of his next voyage. The rich man began pouring the reminiscence of his second adventurous voyage. The wealth earned from my first voyage was enough to lead a good life. Hence, for a period of time I enjoyed the luxuries bought […]

The First Voyage

My father was a rich merchant. When he died, I was still young. He left behind a big wealth. However, I was an inexperienced thoughtless youth and spent all his wealth foolishly. I returned to my senses only after the loss of all the wealth. I decided to sail for the Persian Gulf with some […]

Sindbad and His Seven Voyages

Long-long ago during the reign of Caliph Harun-Al-Rashid, there lived a poor porter in the city of Baghdad. The porter’s name was Hindbad. Despite his hard life, he was happy and satisfied. One day, Hindbad was going with a big load on his head. Suddenly the rain lashed and Hindbad rushed to a nearby house […]

The Fisherman and The Jinni

There was a poor fisherman, who had a wife and three children in his family. He used to cast his net in seawater to catch fish for his livelihood. He had made a rule to cast his net only four times a day and never exceeded the set limit. One day the fisherman went on […]

The Story of The Bull & The Donkey

Once there lived a rich farm owner. In his farm, there were many cattle. The merchant happily lived with his wife and children. The merchant had a unique capacity to understand the language of different animals. The unique talent was the blessing of a sage. However, the sage had warned the merchant against revealing the […]

One Thousand and One Nights

Once upon a time, there was a great king, who had his reign from Persia to Arabia. The king had two sons named Shahryar and Shah Zaman. After the death of the king, Shahryar the elder son ascended on the throne of Baghdad. Whereas the younger son, Shah Zaman ruled over Samarkand. Both the brothers […]