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The Wolf and the Ass

Once, there lived a pack of Wolves in the forest. The Wolves hunted animals in the forest and the nearby village every day, but they did not have a leader. Therefore, one day, the Wolves decided to select a leader among them. Thus, a Wolf was selected as the leader. The leader Wolf lectured others about […]

The Lion and the Gnat

One afternoon, a Lion had just finished his meal and decided to take his afternoon nap. The Lion had just closed his eyes, when a Gnat saw him. Now, this Gnat, though active and young, was also haughty and over-confident. He was extremely daring and he attacked the Lion. The Lion was very angry and woke up […]

The Lion and the Elephant

Once, a Lion sat thinking by himself. He had sharp, strong claws and teeth and was a beast with immense strength. Yet, whenever he heard a Cock crowing, he would be extremely scared. The Lion, thus, complained, “Can a life like this be worth living? I am one of the strongest and the bravest and […]

The Large Tree

Once, three Crows and two Sparrows lived in a forest. They all were good friends. They would meet every day and fly around together from one place to another. The Crows would constantly look for food and the Sparrows for a place to make their nests. One day, the Crows said, “Let’s explore this part of the forest.  Someone told […]

The Monkeys and a Bell

Once, there lived a Thief in a kingdom. One day, he stole a Church bell and ran into the forest. Soon, a Tiger saw the Thief, pounced upon him and killed him. The bell dropped to the ground. Some Monkeys found the bell and started playing with it. When the people found the Thief’s body they […]

A Wizard and a Mouse

Long ago, there lived a great Wizard. One day, as he was walking through the village, a Mouse fell to the ground from the beak of a crow. He picked up the Mouse and fed him some rice. Then, one day, the Wizard saw a Cat chasing the Mouse around the village. Scared that his pet […]

The Mice who Travelled

A Mouse, tired of living in constant fear, said to her neighbour, “I read about a place called Indies where Mice are safer. The people there believe that the soul of a Mouse has been in the body of a great person. After the Mouse dies, it will re-enter the body of another great person. […]

The Elephant and the Animals

The animals in Happy Valley were sad. They were all troubled that some creatures were unkind to the others. The strong, kind Elephant was their leader, so the animals ran to him and told him all. The Elephant wanted to know which animals were bad. So, he called the animals for a meeting and told […]

The Spaniel and the Mastiff

One day, a good-natured Spaniel and a grumpy Mastiff were travelling on the same road. The Spaniel, although an entire stranger to the Mastiff, very politely approached him and asked, “May I please walk with you on this journey?” The Mastiff replied, “I have no problem, you may walk along with me.” Both the dogs […]

The Ass and the Gardener

Once, an Ass had an accident and lost his tail. He was very saddened by this loss. He cried the whole day and missed his tail. He thought, ‘I miss having my tail. I think I should go out and search for it!’ The Ass went all around the meadow searching for his tail. He […]