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The Flute Player

Once upon a time, there was a famous flute player in Rome. His name was Prince. At one of the shows, while Prince was playing the flute, he slipped and tumbled down the stage. People came running to carry him out, as he had broken his leg. His listeners missed him, as he took many […]

Hard Work and Laziness

In a large house, lived a lazy Young Man. He woke up in the afternoon, ate his meals and then lay in bed again. He had a parrot named Polly. She watched this lazy fellow and was puzzled by him. One day, Polly asked the Young Man, “Don’t you get tired of lying in bed all day […]

A Cock and the Horses

Once, a Cock lost his way and went inside a stable. He was very scared. He thought, ‘Lord! Where am I? This place looks so large and strange. I also do not see my family and friends anywhere!’ Just then, he heard a loud neigh. He was even more scared. He looked up and saw […]

The Swallow and the Crow

Once, a proud Swallow lived on a large tree. He Liked his colourful feathers and his long tail. One day, he saw a Crow and thought, ‘How dull this bird is! All his feathers are black.’ He looked at himself lovingly and admired his own feathers. Just then, the Crow flew and sat on the same […]

The Lion and the Frog

The Lion was the King of the forest. He had a powerful voice and he roared to please himself and scare others. All the animals were scared of him. He also knew every corner of the forest and every animal and every sound in it. Now, there was a pond in the middle of the […]

The Fox and the Wolf

A Wolf lived in a cave. He had stocked up lots of food and did not need too hunting. He then stayed in the cave and enjoyed the food. When the Wolf did not go out for many days, his friend, the Fox, looked everywhere for him. At long last the Fox found out where […]

The Hunted Beaver

Once, there was a forest named Freeville. It had many trees and a river. There lived many animals, birds and fish in Freeville. Among them were also the Beavers. It so happened that all the animals of Freeville started to fall ill suddenly. The Fox was the doctor of Freeville. Thus, all the animals went to her […]

The Wolf and the Ass

Once, there lived a pack of Wolves in the forest. The Wolves hunted animals in the forest and the nearby village every day, but they did not have a leader. Therefore, one day, the Wolves decided to select a leader among them. Thus, a Wolf was selected as the leader. The leader Wolf lectured others about […]

The Ploughman and Fortune

Once, there was a Ploughman who lived in the village. He ploughed the land by turning over soil with his plough. He earned his living by ploughing the fields of the farmers of the village. However, the Ploughman was very poor, since he could not earn enough money. Thus, he worked harder and longer on […]

The Eagle and the Kite

One day, an Eagle flew to the branch of a tree. The Eagle was very sad. A Kite saw her and asked, “Why are you sad?” The Eagle replied, “I am unable to find a strong husband for myself.” The Kite said to the Eagle, “I am very strong. I am even stronger than you. You […]